Fun with Daddy

Yep, I know I disappeared for a few days. I know I didn't blog on Thursday to say if I accomplished my goals and what my goals were for Friday. Yep, I didn't blog at all on Friday or Saturday, but it was all worth it.

Richard came home on Thursday, Colby and I picked him up at the airport. He had to go back to work after that, but the boys were so excited that Daddy was finally home. Friday we were back to normal. We headed out to story time and had fun around the house after that. Saturday found Richard back at work, and the boys and I decided to have a quiet day at home since they both are fighting head cold... yes AGAIN! After Richard got home, they helped him mow the lawn and trim the front bushes... how much more excitement can you get?

Today we got up and headed over to a friend's house to meet up for a bike ride. We loaded the boys in the trailer and rode over to the trail. It was a decent ride and they had a lot of fun. We hung out at the house after and the boys went in the pool. We ended up with a quick trip to BJ's and had steak for dinner. Sounds like a good Sunday to me.
The boys had a great weekend, and it didn't really matter what they did as long as their Daddy was home. Not looking forward to telling them that he is leaving again on Wednesday and won't be home until they wake up on Saturday.

Tomorrow's goal:
--head into the Y for a cardio workout (without messing up my knee this time)
--vacuum the house before speech
--clean the bathrooms



  1. There is no replacement for a daddy! My girls go crazy when the don't see him so I'm sure your boys were so excited he was home.

  2. Awww, so glad they got some good daddy time! So is there weather getting better there? At least cool enough to brave a bike ride it sounds.

  3. So glad that he made it home and that the boys had a nice time helping Daddy.
    Sorry he has to leave again for work. I need to vacuum too.

  4. Daddy time is the best time!! Hats off to you for being on for 24/7 when 'daddy' travels! =)

  5. Yay for Daddy! He gets a big celebration at our house too. I hope your week is great!

  6. Yay...daddy's home! When my hubby gets home from work, the boys clobber him...and he's only been gone 10 hours!

  7. Sounds like a great family weekend. I bet Daddy loved it just as much as the boys.


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