good day

Today we had a great day together. It was one of those nothing big planned, so lets just go with it kind of days. I cleaned the bathrooms in the morning to get them done with and then we left for the gym around 9am. I had a shorter than wanted workout, I forgot my knee brace at Richard's friend's house on Sunday and my knee was tweaky while working out... AGAIN! One positive was the fact that Colby did great in the Y's daycare! This was the first time there were no tears and he actually played. When we got home I remembered that I needed to vacuum before speech and did that quickly. Colby decided to go down for his nap and I changed and made Blake's lunch while he watched Monster Jam. Then it was time for speech. After speech, we played Wii Resort. Then there were lots of loud rumbles coming from the sky so we decided to put the tv on expecting rain... which never came! After less than an hour, we decided to go outside and play. They love to go out and play on the porch. Blake and I played basketball. Colby, Blake and I played in the sandbox. Then the boys decided to get the monster trucks and play with them in the sandbox. For some reason, I didn't grab my camera today, maybe because I was in the thick of playing with them? After bath time, with purple water this time, we made dinner and played some more until Daddy came home. They got to play with Daddy for a bit and then get ready for bedtime. Daddy has been doing the bulk of the stories at bedtime which I think is the best. Is there anything that tugs at a Momma's heartstrings more than watching her guys snuggle up with a book?

Another thing that made this a good day.... Blake went all day without an accident!! We have been working hard on this and today it really seemed to click. I am having to give less and less reminders and seeing him recognize the signs in himself more and more. I'm a proud Momma.

I'm standing here listening to Colby blow kisses as a way to avoid going to sleep. Blake crashed as soon as he went to bed. Time for me to watch a bit of tv while Richard finishes up his day's work. Hope you had a great day today too!

Today's goals:
Tomorrow's goal:
--head into the Y for a cardio workout (without messing up my knee this time) [ok this is a half check since I did mess with my knee... oops]
--vacuum the house before speech [check]
--clean the bathrooms [check]

Tomorrow's goals:
--go to the gym for cardio dance (remember my brace as to not mess my knee more)
--mop the kitchen floor while Colby naps
--make chocolate chip cookies with Colby (for Richard to take while he travels)
--menu plan for the week



  1. Glad you had a good day! I got all my goals accomplished too!

  2. Sounds like a fun day with the boys! Sorry to hear that your knee is still bothering you! I hope it heals soon.

    Yay for Blake and no potty accidents! What a relief for you!

  3. Sounds like a good day. Glad everything went well.


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