enough already!

Ok I get it the primaries are coming up. Yep, you want me to get out and vote. Yes, I know you want my vote, but come on.... do I really need to get a flier in the mail from you every day? Do I really need a DAILY phone call? Do I really need to hear 10+ ads on the radio and television from each candidate?

What really irks me is the mailings and phone calls. I go and get my mail and come back through the garage in order to dump all the cards and fliers into the recycling bin. I never even look at them. The more they send me the less I look at them. All I see is wasted paper, wasted postage and WASTED MONEY! Come on do you really need to inundate us with all this? Then there are the phone calls. They come at all hours of the day and night. How many people actually answer these call? Not me... caller id is a great invention. I either let them go to voice mail or pick it up and hang up. Come on 90% of them are automated phone calls anyway.

I want to hear what they can do for me, but I also know that most of what they say in the election process is just smoke and mirrors in hopes of getting the most votes. It just seems like there has to be a better way to get your point across rather than bugging me night and day to vote for you. Last time I checked it wasn't the most annoying person that made the best candidate.

Oh well.... soon the primary will be over and things will settle down until we start ramping up for the November elections, until then... I'll keep filling up my recycling bin.

Today's goals
--go to the gym for cardio dance (remember my brace as to not mess my knee more) [well I went, but it isn't cardio dance anymore it's now a low impact aerobics, but I did remember my brace and it did seem to help]
--mop the kitchen floor while Colby naps [check]
--make chocolate chip cookies with Colby (for Richard to take while he travels) [check... and they are really yummy!, well other than the batch I burned... oops!]
--menu plan for the week [check]
[I also did 2 loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen... I call that a successful day]

Tomorrow's goals:
--get up tooooo early to say goodbye to Richard. He has to leave the house around 5am for a 7am flight
--do p90x after Richard leaves... I'll be up already anyway
--go to the gym (the boys asked to go tomorrow so lets see what's on the schedule)
--clean the peninsula AGAIN
--boys laundry



  1. Oh- I'm sorry to hear Richard is traveling again! Oh my! I don't know how you do it!

  2. Glad you had another good day! I know what you mean about all those fliers. I am getting plenty in my mailbox too...ugh!! I again, got all my goals done today + did my meal planning! YAY! We have a full day tomorrow: gym for me, tumbling for Ryan, clean my bathroom, fold the laundry from today, and I have to call Ryan's ped. to check on a form for preschool. He starts on Tuesday!!

  3. i hate all the signs. do we need 10 signs for 1 person in a small area? and then the signs stay up forever. i always say i will vote for the person with the least amount of signs up!

  4. Love your new background!! I totally agree with you about the calls, mail, etc. I got two calls yesterday that said unknown name, unknown number. I went ahead and answered anyways due to the fact that my kiddos were with their aunt and you just never know, right?? So I answered, no-one there, so I hung up. A little while later, the same call, but this time it was a recording wanting me to do a survey, I hung up. I get so tired of them too!!

  5. By the time the election come around here I am so sick of hearing political junk I could scream!


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