party time

It has become an annual thing for us to have a football kick off party here. Richard and I have season tickets to UCF's football games. We go with 2 other couples (one of the couple's parents have seasons tickets too). The original intent of the party was to plan tailgating, but it never happened, until this year! But, at the same time this year we are having more people over to have an even bigger get together.

Half way through last season, we got tired of coordinating tailgating via internet/ phone calls the night before or if we were lucky a few days before. So Richard and I sat down with the rest of the game schedule and planned out what we would have for each game and who would bring it. We have already done it for this whole season. We planned out the protein for each game and who will bring it. We will just need to decide who will bring the desert to each game. After that, each couple will bring chips, drinks and whatever else they want for tailgating.

This makes life a whole lot easier. Each couple only has to provide the protein and the desert two times for the whole season. And, I will keep a master list on my computer (each couple getting a paper copy) so a quick e-mail reminder will be easy enough.

Anyone else go tailgating during football season? How do you organize who brings what?

Well... I should get moving on finishing up cleaning and making the things for the party. Richard and I made sliders, coleslaw (still needs to be made), baked beans (still needs to be heated), brownie bottom cheesecake and have beer and drinks. Everyone who is coming is bring one items to share. This makes it so much easier since I only have to come up with the main items and they can fill in the rest (o:

Yesterday's goals
-- story time [check]
-- clean the house [check]
-- make coleslaw [everything is chopped but nothing is dressed, but that was my plan]
-- make burgers [check]
-- grocery shop [check]
-- ummm who knows what else, but I know there is more! [check]

Be back tomorrow with new goals for Monday!


  1. Oh Fun! I'v never done anything like that. I think iv watched one football game ever sad but true :S

  2. Sounds like you got it all figured out! Hope they appreciate all the extra work and thought you've put into making it a smooth even every week. I'm curious about your homemade to share your recipe?

  3. Sounds like a fun time! And great planning idea! Have fun.

  4. Sounds like a great time! I'm so impressed with your planning and organizing! I also love your to do lists at the end of each post, I keep them around my house (one for chores at home and another of errands to run) but such a great idea to put it on your blog. Have fun tailgating and at the game!

  5. way to plan! we don't tailgate...i don't do sporting events for that matter!

  6. I wish we had season tickets. How fun. Sounds like you found a good system with the schedule and follow up emails. Hope your team has a good season.
    Yeah for football and fall.


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