Back on the couch again

Well, I got to sleep on the couch again. That is never a good sign. It means one of my boys isn't sleeping well/at all. Last night it was Colby. He has been fighting some nasal congestion, he even taught himself to blow his nose this week. Last night I didn't give him any allergy medicine since he hadn't been coughing and seemed to be doing better... WRONG.

Shortly after falling asleep he began crying in his sleep. Well 3 hours later I finally got him to settle back down and sleep. I think it was 3 hours... who knows. He did end up taking a nap today and went straight to sleep tonight so hopefully this was a one time deal. Needless to say it through my goals off just a bit.

When he woke up in the morning not only was he tired, but he was also coughing a lot so we decided to have a quiet morning of watching tv, snuggling on the couch and a bit of playing trains. After he woke up, he decided that we needed to have some computer time which he doesn't ask for very often.

I did manage to get a few errands done that I was going to do tomorrow so that works too.

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y [nope]
-- do laundry [check]
-- clean bathrooms [ummm partial check... need to finish the 3rd bathroom, but I did start the process]
-- make cheesecake [check]
-- make grocery list for BJ's [check and actually went to BJ's and finished the shopping too]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- story time
-- clean the house
-- make cole slaw
-- make burgers
-- grocery shop
-- ummm who knows what else, but I know there is more!


  1. I seriously need to start writing down some goals. I think I would get more done! I don't think I'm brave enough to post them on my blog though!

    Hope you sleep well tonight!

  2. I'm sorry your little guy is not feeling well. I hope things are back to normal soon! This week has been crazy for us to, I thought with Luke starting Kinder I would get so much done, not the case!!!

  3. What a bummer about Colby. I wake up every morning with a stuffy nose and sneezes. There is something in the air bothering my allergies terrible. It is not fun not feeling well. Hope he gets better soon.

  4. Hope our little guy feels better soon!
    Nothing like a sick kiddo to throw a wrench in the best laid plans!!
    Sending "sleep filled nights" thoughts your way


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