Wordless Wednesday

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y with the boys [check]
-- go get the boys' hair cut [check]
-- go to the grocery store [check]
-- dust the living room [check]
-- figure out the cleaning and cooking schedule for Saturday's party [not really, but I'll figure it out... I have to]

tomorrow's goals:
-- go to the Y
-- do laundry
-- clean bathrooms
-- make cheesecake
-- make grocery list for BJ's



  1. Lori, you are such an inspiration, going to the gym everyday. Wish I had your gumption.

  2. I FINALLY made it to the gym today. I've been a slacker. Good for you for going! You reminded me, I need to dust terribly!!

  3. I found your blog through Loving Life's Little Things and had to stop by, I'm also a teacher turned stay at home mom. Your blog is so cute, can't wait to read more!

  4. I SO need to start going to the gym every day. That is my goal once school starts....perhaps I'll start in Oct. once i'm fully recovered from my c-section. Great goals!

  5. Busy girl. I need a list of my own. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!

  6. What yumminess are the eating?


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