Naptime ... no more

I'm shocked to say this, but I decided it is best to let Colby give up his nap. He has been fighting it on and off for about a month. The days he didn't nap he went right to sleep at night, and the days he did nap he fought bedtime until after 8pm and sometimes as late as 9pm. I decided last night, after I posted my blog, that I can't force him to nap just so I get a bit of time alone. I really feel it is best for him to get a good night sleep. So now, both boys go down around 6:30 with the hopes of them both asleep by 7pm. Yes, it might sound early, but they get up between 6:30 and 7am so they are getting 12 hours of sleep which is what they need. I just can't believe that my 2 year 2 month old is no longer napping.

The other positive with this is it frees up our days immensely. I don't have to worry about getting home in time for nap time. We can do more as a family on the weekends without the worry of a needed nap. It just means we have to be home and settled for bedtime for both boys.

Now I just have to figure out when I get to watch my tv shows and what to do with Colby all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today was tough because it was raining alllllll day so we couldn't get out to play. I forgot how many things you have to do to entertain a two year old by yourself all day.

I hope you got a chance to check out my Tasty Tuesday recipe today... if not click here and check out some yummy cookies!

Today's goals:
-- get up to do p90x [nope we decided that we'd skip it since my sinuses are still a mess and Richard is out tonight]
-- go to the gym for pilates class [check, and Colby and I went to the parent child class after too]
-- menu plan [half check... it's almost done]
-- decide what desert I'm making for the party on Saturday [check... brownie bottom cheesecake]
-- convince Colby that he wants to take a nap [nope, but if you read the top of this post you knew that already]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go to the Y with the boys
-- go get the boys' hair cut
-- go to the grocery store
-- dust the living room
-- figure out the cleaning and cooking schedule for Saturday's party



  1. Giving up that nap is a hard one! My youngest just turned 5 (yesterday) and he still occasionally takes a nap!

  2. UGH!! That's got to be hard! My mom said my sister gave up naps at 18 mos. I napped until I was 3. Ryan is still napping 2-3 hours and is a MONSTER if he doesn't. I am hoping it lasts awhile.

  3. We're kind of doing a sometimes yes sometimes no kind of thing with Jillian. Most days she does take one still but I don't stress if she doesn't. SO far it has been working. I know how you feel about the mommy time though, always soooo hard to give up.

  4. As long as he is doing well with it, that's all that matters. My two year old granddaughter still naps for a couple hours in the afternoon. She has always been a big sleeper. Plus 8pm through 8 am for the night. Kids are all so different. Enjoy your days with him.

  5. wow! i can't believe he is not napping anymore! hopefully i have a while before quinn gets on that wagon. Avery is pretty content watching a movie during that time or entertaining himself while i clean, do dinner, or on the computer! but you are right you can't force him to sleep!

  6. I will take some of the brownie bottom cheesecake please. Yum
    I can't believe he is done napping too. Stunt man still falls asleep in the car if we are driving too far. LOL

  7. Our naps have been gone for quite some time now. I miss them, but the kids don't. Questions, why do you guys wake up so early? Just wondering....I would love to try a schedule like that, but if I did their dad would NEVER see them, because he gets home at 6:30 at night and leaves at 6:30 am.

  8. I remember Zach giving up his naps. Same reason he'd just wasn't tired at bedtime...I love a early bedtime, that is when I get to watch my shows and finish up anything on the computer.

    Checked out those cheesecake cookies, they look great(minus the nuts). Think I will try them soon.

  9. I remember well when Caleb gave up his naps at the same age as Colby! It was bittersweet. I missed my time alone but we could also do more things in the afternoons! Now it's great when they go to bed at 7:30 and go right to sleep for 12 hours! That's when mommy watches my TV shows!

  10. after reading your post i put some thought into this. we are having a hard time getting N to settle down at night. so, i am biting the bullet and giving up his naps. it is tough! i am trying to get him to do some "quiet time" but that is a bit of a struggle.


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