Busy Day

What a busy day. Richard and I got up and did Ab Ripper X this morning. I had to wake up both boys. Blake got up as soon as I opened the curtain in his room. Colby... not so much! I had Colby changed into his pull up, dressed, shoes on and he didn't wake up. I picked him up and he woke up when I was going from the kitchen into the laundry room. Colby got to eat breakfast while Blake did speech, good thing he eats dry cereal.

After speech we came home for a quick stop before heading out to storytime. We walked into the library and I was a bit shocked because there in the front of the library was Kelly and Ryan from The Adventures of Ryan. I knew she lived in the area from reading posts, but to actually see her was pretty cool.

After storytime we came home for lunch and Monster Jam. Blake hadn't watched Monster Jam in a while because we had taken it away do to some bathroom choices of his. He finally earned back his daily dose of Monster Jam. Come on don't you have to watch this every day too??

We then headed to the playground. This is not the one in our neighborhood, it is the one near where Blake plays soccer. On Thursday night he asked to play after practice, but I didn't want to stay that late as it was almost 7pm. I needed to head to the grocery store because I am bringing the snack to soccer tomorrow.

After the grocery store, we came home and made peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream pie. Then we had dinner. The boys played for a while and then we went for a walk. Richard came home while we were walking, but hadn't got very far. Colby ran up to Richard once he realized who I was waving at. Blake had gone around a cul de sac, I crossed the street to meet up with him. He looked at me and said "I made it all the way around and stopped at the stop sign. Ummm where's Colby?" Once I pointed to Colby he was ready to bolt down to Richard too. I had to quickly cross him across the street so he could run to Richard. Got to love moments like that. (o:

Today's goals
-- get moving to get to speech at 8:45 [check]
-- story time [check]
-- grocery store to pick up snack for soccer and pizza dough for dinner [check... but we didn't have the pizza because Richard had to work late]
-- playground with the boys (different playground than normal since Blake wanted to play there after soccer, but it was too late) [check]
-- packing list? [check!]



  1. It was pretty awesome to run into you all too! We also had a super busy day, but I like them busy :-) We had a busy afternoon out shopping and dinner out too. It's so nice just to be with family!

  2. Good for you meeting all your goals today. YOu were so busy but it feels good to stay busy and to get so much done. A good day.

  3. How neat to run into a blogging buddy!!
    Small world huh?
    Enjoy the day


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