Just goals

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y with Colby for pilates and "Colby's class" [check]
-- go the Hallmark store [check... Colby fell asleep in the car on the way there and slept in the cart while I shopped in the store]
-- go to soccer practice [check]
-- sandwiches for dinner [check]
-- outside time with Colby [check... the weather here has been beautiful the last few days so we're getting a lot of outside time]
-- work on packing check list for our vacation [ummmm nope, but the night isn't done yet.... right?]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- get moving to get to speech at 8:45
-- story time
-- grocery store to pick up snack for soccer and pizza dough for dinner
-- playground with the boys (different playground than normal since Blake wanted to play there after soccer, but it was too late)
-- packing list?


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  1. I need to give myself some goals too. I feel like now that the kids are in school I am wasting a little bit of time. Doing alot...but still wasting time. Maybe if I get off the computer. LOL


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