Mommy... Daddy... you're here!

Is there any better feeling than the greeting of your child? Ok maybe the meeting of both your children (o:

This weekend, after Blake's soccer game, the boys went on a sleep over. If you remember a few weeks ago, Colby got to go for a sleep over at my parents house. At that time, we told Blake that he would get to go soon for his over night. That came on Saturday. My parents took the boys to their house instead of watching them there while Richard and I went to the UCF football game, don't ask how the game went. This worked out well since we didn't get home until almost midnight.

Then this morning we took advantage and slept in a bit before going on a bike ride. We meet up with some of Richard's co-workers and hit the trail. I fell twice, talk about a huge blow to the ego. Oh well. I have very little evidence left of crashing into a tree and then down an incline... oops!

We then headed out to pick up the boys. They had a great time. My nephew came to visit my parents too which made it even more special. The three boys went to the pool, played games and had a blast. They were spoiled with their favorites for dinner and ice cream cake for desert. They were so tired at bedtime between playing soccer, going swimming and just running around having fun that they slept from 6:30pm until 8:15am.

When we got there as soon as we were getting out of the car the boys were yelling at us from the window. They were soooo happy to see us. Blake was pretty much glued to my side the whole time. We didn't stay long as they kept asking "can we go home now?" They couldn't stop thanking my parents, which made me happy too.

I'm so glad they had fun, but it made me happy to see that they were excited to head home too.

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go to the Y
-- go to the grocery store
-- bake cookies (Blake asked to do this)
-- play outside with the boys
-- work on BJ's list
-- make quesadillas for dinner



  1. That is the best, when they have fun but also still are excited to go back home! Says a lot about both your parents and you, as parents!


  2. Our boys love staying at their grandparent's too..however, they are not as happy to come home. Back to reality I guess!

  3. I love that on your things to do list is "Play outside with boys." So often we overlook things like this. And then they just never happen.

  4. That is so sweet! And how nice that they had so much fun and that you and your husband had some time alone. Sounds like everyone won!


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