I was watching the news this morning, and had to just shake my head. They were talking about the law that states that all street signs must be changed by 2018. They must now be written as Orange Avenue instead of ORANGE AVENUE. The government is making this change because of the increase of baby boomers on the roads. They say that by making the signs "easier to read" there will be a decrease in accidents. They are also mandating that the signs be made less reflective.

Ok I'm not one to gripe about politics on my blog, I always feel that your opinion is your opinion and don't really feel like getting into political debates over the internet. But, come on! This is just a HUGE waste of money in my opinion. Ok as you add new signs and/or replace existing ones maybe there should be a change, but to mandate a change? Aren't local governments tapped enough for cash? Do we really think that this is going to help? I have less of an issue with the more reflective change than the font changes. This is just governement at its "best" in my opinion.

I jokingly said to Richard this morning that maybe they are changing the font from all capitals because when you type in caps you are yelling and they don't want you to feel like they are shouting the street names?

I typically don't use this phrase but... if it's not broke... why fix it? Signs have been written this way forever... why change now?


  1. I agree. A really big waste of money that they do not have.

  2. Seriously? What a waste of money......

  3. Because our country is not in enough debt. Don't get me started. Maybe the government should consult Dave Ramsey about how to get out of debt. LOL changing good signs is not the start.

  4. That's ridiculous! What a total waste of money!


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