more fall projects

The boys and I have made a few more Halloween art projects since I last posted. This Halloween is really fun as Blake is really into the holiday and all that goes with it. We read Halloween stories all the time. They love seeing the decorations around too. Blake is looking forward to dressing up and even Colby knows what he is being this year. I have their costumes almost done. Blake's is totally done, I have a few more details for Colby's yet to go.

I'm really looking forward to the Christmas season this year, I know that if Blake is this into Halloween he is going to be big into Christmas. But, first we have to get through the end of the soccer season, Halloween, his 4th birthday party, his 4th birthday, Richard's birthday and Thanksgiving then I'll think about Christmas.

Back to my projects:
Paper bag pumpkins:
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket(this is so not the best picture, but it's the only one I took... oops!)


Finger painted Jack O'lanterns:



  1. O I love doing crafts with my kiddos. They enjoy it so much too. Your projects are so cute.

  2. We haven't had a good crafting day in so long!
    It seems like being back at school has eaten up all our time!:(
    We better get busy...
    Enjoy the day

  3. They came out great! I am glad the boys had such a good time. I love doing projects with Ryan too.

  4. Love the crafts! I can't wait to start doing stuff like that with Avery! Sounds like you have a lot going on between now and Christmas, this time of year is always so crazy!


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