Filling in the calendar

It seems like just when I think I've got things figured out... nope! I was putting some things onto my calendar today and realized that in my thinking I was skipping a week in October. I kept thinking we had a football game this weekend. I was thinking that we had 2 more weeks of soccer, but nope. We have three more weekends of soccer. We don't have football this weekend, it's next weekend.

Oh well... guess I should enjoy a found weekend?

Where do you keep all your schedules? I have my main calendar on my google account. I like having it on my computer because I can pull it up from any computer. I really need to link it to my phone, but I'm not sure my phone has that ability.

Blake also has a calendar that he keeps on the dishwasher. I started this for him because every night he asks me "where do I go tomorrow?" He goes to pre-school 2 days a week, he goes to soccer practice on Thursday nights, he goes to speech on Fridays, we go to story time on Fridays, he has soccer games on Saturdays. It also helps him count down to the holidays. He is really proud of having his own calendar. At least next month he will not have as many scheduled things since soccer will be over, but there is a lot going on in November.

As of right now the first free weekend we have is the Dec 11th-12th and there is a big possibility that Richard will be traveling that week/ weekend for work. Oh well... busy is good!

This week's goals:
-- drink 60-80oz water a day
-- work on the boy's Halloween costumes (Blake's is DONE!)
-- get to the gym
-- plan meal and desert for tailgating this weekend (oops not needed this weekend)
-- step back and enjoy the weather
-- remember to enjoy the little things with the boys
-- relax and smile


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