Off day

Let me tell you, when you get used to going out and doing something every day, and then don't... the day you don't is veryyyy long! I decided to take one more day off from going to the gym. I am finally feeling almost myself, but didn't want to push it. Since August I have been going to the gym 4 days a week, and on Friday we have things to do too, so pretty much for the last 2+ months we have been going somewhere each week day. Today there was this big chunk of time that the three of us seemed like we didn't know how to fill.

We chilled out in the morning and watched a bit more tv than normal because the boys watched 2 hour long Dora's which they don't watch very often, but really like. After that we did a few Halloween art projects. We made footprint ghosts and handprint bats. Then it was time for lunch, so the morning went by pretty fast. We headed outside to have lunch and then play. But, around 1:30/2:00 we were sort of lost. We did come in and play Wii for a bit and did a bit of baking. Then I sent them back out to play some more.

Things sort of evened out at that point, but it was strange. Richard came home not feeling well... please oh please don't let him have what I had this weekend. That was not fun and I'd like to think those germs have gone away.

Hope you had a great Monday! Did you get to enjoy a long weekend?

This week's goals:
-- drink 60-80oz water a day
-- work on the boy's Halloween costumes
-- get to the gym
-- plan meal and desert for tailgating this weekend
-- step back and enjoy the weather
-- remember to enjoy the little things with the boys
-- relax and smile



  1. We were home all day today too. Ryan has a bad cold and I am so tired from being pregnant that I didn't want to go anywhere which is RARE for me! Thankfully Ryan still naps so I had that break, but I understand what you mean about a long day. It's hard coming up with new things to keep the little ones entertained!

  2. We had a great long husband was lucky and got off for 4 whole days!

  3. Thanks for comming by my blog and left a comment.
    I wish you a great week.
    Hugs from Germany.

  4. Staying home ALL day long can make for a more exhausting day than actually going out.

    Tailgate party? Sounds like fun.

  5. I know what you mean, the days we don't go anywhere seem to drag out for so long! Sounds like you tried to keep everyone entertained and occupied though. We had a great long weekend, my husband had Monday off which was great. I love having an extra day of family time!

    By the way, I love how you have relax and smile on your to do list, something we could all use a reminder for once in awhile!


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