Happy Birthday Richard

What a busy weekend. I have pictures of Blake's birthday party to share, and will get to that tomorrow. I have a new recipe that we made for tailgating that I'll share on Tuesday. I'm working on my "J" pictures to share still too.

But, I wanted to take a few minutes tonight to say Happy Birthday to my best friend, Richard. Yep, it's Richard's birthday, and it often gets over shadowed by Blake's birthday. This year we ended up having to reschedule Blake's birthday for today and it was on Richard's birthday. Oh well.

I can say that I am glad to share today with Richard. It is such a joy to have him in my life. He is an awesome father to both the boys and a loving husband. I enjoy spending time with him doing most anything, but especially laughing. It is so cool to watch him play with the boys and help them grow into strong men.

I can't wait for another year with my guy!


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