Magical Night

Richard and I went to see Jim Brickman's Holiday concert last night. This is our 3rd or 4th Jim Brickman concert since we've been together. If you don't think you know Jim Brickman, you are probably wrong. He is a fantastic piano player and composer. Some of his more popular songs are The Gift, ValentineNever AloneComing Home for Christmas to just name a few.

We used Jim Brickman's The Love I Found in You as our wedding song and it sort of solidified our love of his music. I think one of the biggest things I love about his music is how much it touches everyone who listens to it. The cool thing about his concerts is between these fantastic songs he and the people he has touring with him joke around and have you laughing to the point of tears.

This concert he had Anne Cochran with him. She has actually been with him for all the concerts we have seen him. She has such a beautiful and powerful voice. They actually sang one of her songs from her Christmas Album (Joy In Our World) and it was very moving too.

Tracy Silverman who is an electric violinist also played. He is soooo cool to listen to. He has a very unique instrument.

The male vocalist in the concert was Richie McDonald from Lonestar. He sang I'm Already There and Amazed which bring chills to me every time I hear them on the radio never mind in person! I think one of my favorite songs that he sung was from his solo album Why Santa's Fat?

What a great way to spend the night together.  Then this morning I got to say good-bye and safe travels as he drives to Georgia until the 18th.  Oh well.  Guess I should clean up here and go get the boys for a crazy week together.  Hope you take a few minutes to listen and remember It's the Simple Things, the simple things just ARE!


  1. Fun, fun fun fun FUN!! I have been to a George Winston concert before... piano... bare feet... a little dry humor... it was lovely... I am sure I would love this concert!! too bad Georgia is SO far away! ha ha! I will look for his albums!

  2. I love jim brickman and hope to be able to see him at some point in concert! im so jealous! but glad you had a great and wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like a great concert! It is so nice when you can share music with your spouse.


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