Project 365

A lot of bloggers participate in Project 365. This is a photography challenge where you take one picture each day to document a whole year. Typically it is things that are going on in your life, but not necessarily the picture you'd normally take (ie. a picture of a stack of books on a day you go to the library or an empty bowl of cookie dough or something like that).

I have debated on taking on this project, but haven't for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of people join groups with this project, but I wasn't thinking in that direction. I was thinking I'd either post them as a lump sum week on my blog on Sat or Sun, or create a separate blog to just post the 365 pictures. I'm sure there will still be lots of pictures of my sons, but this is an out of the box photo opportunity.

My concern is the commitment. Do I want to commit the time to remembering to take a picture a day and edit them?

So, I need to decide... ummm soon. Want to chime in? I posted a poll above my blog posts... give you opinion if you want.



  1. I was in the same boat, I decided to take the challenge, you should too! I will be your first follower if you are mine!! ;)

    Good luck if you decide to do it!!!!!

  2. You know I love it...just do it. REally helps you to get the camera out and start documenting the small things. It is fun. did I convince you?

  3. If I can do can you!!


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