3rd Blogoversary

Can you believe that I have been blogging for 3 years? I was thinking about the changes this morning.

When I started Teacher Turned Mommy:

Blake had just turned 1. He was still sleeping in a crib, using a pacifier and took 2 naps a day. He loved to play with trucks, listen to stories, bake in the kitchen, and play outside. He had just figured out that the computer was an interesting "toy" to use with Mommy.

Colby... well I was pregnant with Colby when I began blogging. I had just found out I was having another little boy. I had just begun searching for new bedding and thinking about how to paint his room.

Between now and then...
I had Colby, Blake had his tongue tie clipped and tubes put in, Richard had surgery on his shattered collar bone, and Abby had her 2nd knee surgery.

I have watched Blake grow into an active, intelligent, stubborn, loving and independent four year old. He now sleeps in a twin bed, and well gave up napping a LONG time ago. He attends preschool 2 days a week and loves to play and learn with his friends in class. He can now use the computer on his own, play with his "leapstory", read simple easy readers, and play Wii. He has developed an extensive imagination and loves to use it to play with his Monster Trucks. He is fascinated by sports and even played soccer on a team for the first time. Blake is beginning to try new foods and realize there is more to life than protein. I think the biggest change has been his speech. After finally getting the help he needed, he now no longer needs speech services and speaks clearly and has developed a rather elaborate vocabulary.

Colby has developed into an active, intelligent, playful, loving, independent, and caring two and a half year old. He now sleeps in a toddler bed, gave up napping (much to my chagrin). He is in the process of potty training and is doing it pretty much on his own. He loves to draw, play with trains, play in the sand box, be outside and do anything with his brother. He likes to play with his "moviego", watch tv and explore the computer with Mommy's help. He enjoys going to the Y to play with the other children, and really enjoys his time alone with Mommy. If it was up to Colby we would bake everyday even though he doesn't eat any of the things we make. Colby is still a very picky eater, but he's getting better... at least he now eat deli turkey and mac & cheese so I don't have to bring food every time we go anywhere. Colby has developed quite an extensive imagination and loves to make up stories to go along with his train play. I can't believe how much his personality has developed with the expansion of his vocabulary and imagination.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey of the last three years with me. I look forward to another year of change and growth



  1. And, I am glad to have met you along the way:)
    Congratulations on three years, and here's to many more.

  2. Happy 3rd blogoversary...that means mine is coming up in april. Wow amazing that we have known each other through blogging for almost three whole years. You were one of my first blog friends. So glad we met.
    Lots of changes in three years huh?

  3. Three years! That's awesome. :)

    I'm married to a Colby. It's a wonderful name.

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com


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