There is a lot on my mind lately which means I have no clue what to blog about... strange how that happens isn't it?

Both boys are fighting head colds. That means lots of snot. At least now they can both blow their own noses so I am just coming in at the end for clean up from time to time. This is good for so many reasons one being I'm not as exposed to the germs. The downfall is they aren't as efficient at blowing their noses as when I keep saying "blow again" until you hear it clear. The other issue is moods! Neither of them eats well when they aren't feeling well, and they both get moody when hungry. Blake gets grumpy and grouchy. Colby gets whiny and more sensitive. Does anyone see an issue with this combination of moods???

I'm doing really good with my calorie counting. I like a challenge so that helps. I find myself looking at labels a lot more. I am in the "more bang for my buck" mode with calories. I'd rather eat a 100 calorie chocolate yogurt for desert and get a protein kick than drink soda. I'd rather eat more salad with a lower calorie salad dressing and be able to put cheese on it than eat a high calorie dressing. Trust me I don't give up flavor. If you follow my blog for any length of time you know that I like flavor! I'm also allowing myself at least one day a week that I am not so anal about my calories.

I'm getting to the gym 5 days a week, the last two weeks I went 6 days since Richard went with us on Saturday. I'm really beginning to see the results and feel myself building up the strength. I also like that 45 or so minutes that I have to myself each day while I work out. That was something that I was really missing as a stay-a-home mom with two children who do not nap. I felt like I was mom 24/7 with no type of break. This gives me a few minutes each day to focus on myself... and if my body looks better because of it... what could be better???

I've started something new with my boys at clean up time. I decided I was tired of cleaning up more than they do at the end of the day. So now, when it's clean up time I set the timer for about 10 minutes (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter depending on the mess). When the timer goes off, clean up time is over. I then go around with my "time out tote" and collect all the items that they did not clean up. This tote goes up and out of reach until the next clean up time. So in essence they loose the right to play with the toy for 24 hours. Don't get me wrong I'm still helping clean up some, but not nearly as much. I usually just move the items closer to where they belong instead of putting them away too. Not sure how long this will work. When they will figure out that they should put away the toys they like first and then get around to the others. But for now, it gets Blake moving faster... Colby well... yeah he could care less.

Ok I think that is more than enough rambling for one post. Hope you have a great day, and those who are begin effected by the many storms out there stay safe!



  1. that's a good idea on clean up. something we are struggling with!

    and mommy time...i will get some...someday! hence why im joining the gym for that reason. just wish they had childcare there!

  2. Sorry to hear about your boys colds! Tis the season around here too :(

    I would never give up flavour either! I'm like you, I give up some things so that I can have other things. I have a pretty good daily menu/eating routine worked out that I really like! And yes, chocolate is still involved ;)

  3. Awww, colds again? Sorry to hear that. But sounds like you are doing so awesome working out and being mindful about your diet. Wish i had your commitment, lol.


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