worth my time or a waste of time?

Many of the posts I do on my blog are for me, anyone who blogs knows that it is an outlet for what is going on in life. It is also a way to share with others what is on your mind. But, at the same time some of these posts are as much for you my readers as for myself.

I'm looking for your input. Please be honest I will not be offended in any way. Tell me if you think the following segments are worth it or a waste of my time:

Monday's game posts
Tasty Tuesday
Wordless Wednesday pictures
Project 365

Is there anything that I have done in the past that you'd like to see come back?

I go through phases on what I like to post and what I'm over posting about. I want you, the readers to enjoy stopping by and reading my blog... so what do you want to see/not see?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, I do appreciate it!



  1. I love all that you're doing now! I might not comment often, but I'm here nosing around a lot. ;)

  2. I like what you've got going! A good mixture is nice :)

  3. I would definitely enjoy a 365! Seeing that I am partaking in one too!

  4. i like it all! esp tasty tuesday!


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