Big changes = big results

Well I hope I don't shoot myself in the foot for posting about this, but I will anyway. Over the weekend, we decided to make a major change with the boys. We had been dealing with some behavior issues that we did not like at all. So after trying a variety of things, including time-outs, extra praise, behavior charts and a few other changes, that would work for a short term and then flop again. We decided it was time for a big change! We took away all of the boys electronics. And when I say we took them away... I mean they are gone. The computer, Leapster/Mobigo, and Wii were packed up and put away. They do not get tv or movies either.

I created a new routine for our days. I moved somethings around and added a few more structured activities each day. We talked about the fact that these are things that are earned and not taken for expectation. That they would earn time to play them again in a few weeks if the behaviors improved.

Let me tell you, it has gotten better than I expected. They also dealt with the change better than I expected. There were a few questions the first day. Every once in a while they will ask where the keyboard is or when they get to play Wii again, but other than that there isn't much asking for it. I did let Colby watch a movie on Tuesday so I could take a shower, but he is less of the issue than Blake.

I decided that in a lot of ways Blake enjoys being "plugged in" better than anything else. When he has the option he will almost always choose something technological. Now, in some ways that isn't bad as this is a very technological world we live in, but he is also 4 and needs to play and run and go. Since he can't choose that he is more interested in the sandbox again, playing with his monster trucks, playing pretend, working in his workbooks and doing art. We also get to the playground everyday to burn off that excess energy.

On Tuesday he had a much better day at school too, which made me even happier. I hated the fact that he was having so many issues at school.

What makes me even happier is the fact that the boys are playing together sooooo much better. They actually enjoy each other's company. Colby actually seemed lost on Tuesday without Blake, and before he seemed to look forward to the days when Blake went to school.

I don't want any lectures on why or why not children should be allowed to watch tv or other uses of technology. I did this to help him and to see if a bit less stimulation would help him at this time. Am I removing it forever... NO! Am I saying that you should do this at your house, nope. I'm just saying it worked for us... at this time.



  1. i hope it continues to work out for you! my boys aren't even into technology. the tv might be on, but they don't usually watch it. we have a wii and also the vtech game system for Avery but he uses them once in a blue moond! I can't wait for our weather to be nice and warm again so we can get outside!

  2. Glad you found something that seems to be working for you. That is all that is important.

  3. I always say, "whatever works!"

  4. Kids need to know to take parents seriously, this will surely teach them what you hope to teach them! :) Glad it's going so well!

  5. love the new colors on the blog!!

    We have always tried to keep Screen time of anything... or techy time ... to a minimum... my son has been a little over the top since we added the Wii to our lives... so I take it away... and he shapes up quick... he is 8... he knows better than to mess with mama!! ;) I hope you find a happy balance when techy stuff returns! Our rule is NO more than 1/2 hour a day... unless I am being extra nice... then an works. =) and there are also NO techy days... keeps everyone sane... ;)

  6. I am glad you found something that works. It makes me happy to see parents try new things. I have tried that on Jacob as he got older. I have a bin above the fridge where a toy will go for the day and that works reallllyyy well.

  7. I will have to try this too. I have a 6 year old who only wants to play wii, computer, or leapster. Now with my cancer situation we have been letting it go more than we would have but we have to do what works in the NOW! I will have to try this sometime. Thanks for sharing.


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