Time Change... boo!

Raise your hand if you hate the time change. Keep your hand up if you have young children. Yeah that's what I thought.

I've never really been a fan of the time changes. When I became a teacher, I looked at it in a whole new light and hated it even more. Time change + children = long days of messed up body clocks. They do not sleep, eat or function based on the clock, they do it totally based on their internal clocks.

Now that I'm a mother I hate it even more! This one is the worst. Blake looked at us last night and said "it's still light out why am I going to bed?" We let them stay up a half hour later, but their bodies said they were going to bed a half hour earlier. Yesterday we had a lot on our plates so they were a bit tireder than normal which did help at bedtime.

Then morning rolls around and you are waking them up an hour early. Yes, I could have let them sleep in, but then we'd struggle even more at night, and who wants to do that? So instead I gave them 30 minutes of tv time, a big treat, to let them wake up slowly.

Tell me how it makes sense to change the times still? Yes, I understand that when this all began it made sense to help the farmers harvest their crops in the fall, but how many people still make their total living as farmers? (no offense if you are a farm family, we still need you to produce our food, and we still love you). They tried to say a few years ago that time change would help save power, that's why they changed the dates of the time change. But, they proved within two years that it was ineffective.

So can someone tell me why we still change the clocks? And can you explain to my boys why they now go to bed when the sun is up and wake up when the sun is down?



  1. thankfully time change for us was pretty easy! hopefully the boys adjust soon for you! me on the other hand...im still adjusting!

  2. Me! Me! My hand is up! This has been the hardest time change adjustment we've ever had. Yesterday, Lily slept in, we missed church, naps were off schedule, and we weren't eating dinner until almost eight so bed time was after nine! Way too late! I couldn't sleep until after midnight. Those darn internal clocks. Hopefully by the end of the week, we'll all be okay. I hope.


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