to move or not to move

I've done some thinking about moving my blog over to wordpress. My guess is it won't be too hard for me to do it, it's just is it worth it? It seems to me that most of the big time bloggers seem to be using Wordpress or something similar. Now I dont' consider myself a big time blogger, but if it's worth the effort... then why not? I need to look into the freedom it gives you as far as format and such, since well I like to play with the look of my blog from time to time.

Have you looked at this? Are you a Wordpress user, if so what made you decide to put your blog there? Did you lose a lot of readers when you moved? Is it easy to manipulate?



  1. Will you still be in my reader if you move over?

  2. I am a fan of blogspot, but that's simply because I know NOTHING about wordpress! Good luck!

  3. Goodness, I don't know a thing about wordpress?!?!:) Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!
    Have a happy day


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