Use your real voice... please!

Yesterday, the boys and I stopped at a different playground because we went to Target to get their pictures taken instead of going to the Y. When we got there, there was 2 mothers with three children. One mother had a little girl who looked to be a bit older than Colby. The other had a little boy who appeared to be about Colby's age and a little girl who was under one.

Now we go to the playground at least once a day and many days two different playgrounds. So, I know what my sons can and can't do as far as climbing ability, and there is very little I stop them from doing. (Colby is not allowed to do the fire pole since he doesn't think holding on is necessary... lol). I often step back and watch to see what they are going to play with. When we go to the neighborhood playground I can even sit on a bench and watch now. I love that my sons can climb and play independently. Blake loves to play with other children on the playground and often initials play with any child he finds (no matter how old the child is!).

So yesterday he tried to get the two older children to play with him. The little girl was a bit bossy, but Blake never lets that bother him, he just goes along to get along. The little girl's mother seemed to be rather nervous about the girl doing anything and often stopped her from trying anything new. If the girl slipped at all the mother seemed to panic. Now granted I don't know these people so maybe there is an incident from the past, but come on let her try.

The mother of the little boy was more engaged in the play than I like, but whatever. She spoke to all the children and seemed to be trying foster the play. Ok that's fine, providing the vocabulary for play is a good thing for young children. BUTTTTT, she did it in that fake annoying baby voice. Ok come on you've got to know what I'm talking about. That voice that says I'm talking down to you because you don't know what I'm saying. That voice that says I have to talk in this high pitched squeeky voice with little words for you to pay attention to me.

UGH! I never talked to my boys with that voice. I also never talked down to my sons. I will explain what I'm saying in simpler words if needed, but how are children going to develop an expanded vocabulary if you only speak to them in a simplified vocabulary???? Hello... logic?

At first I was worried the my sons would look at her like she had three heads, I know I was, but they seemed to do ok with it. Blake seemed to be using much simpler words when talking to her, hmmm maybe he thought she wouldn't understand his more complex vocabulary? Colby pretty much did his own thing and didn't pay her much mind unless she directed a comment or question at him.

I know I have always looked at parenting different than a lot of other mothers. I'm not into trying to keep my sons young. I tend to treat them as if they are older than they are and think of them as being older. I certainly do with Colby I keep forgetting at times that he is still only 2. I try to encourage them to grow and learn, to take chances and progress. I want them to grow up to be independent thinkers who are comfortable in making decisions and it start this early, actually earlier. I see my job as a facilitator in the process of developing men. Oh well, I'm sure that mother thought I was strange too.



  1. LOVE those situations! (Sense my sarcasm?? LOL!)
    I can definitely 100% relate to your philosophy. I share the same view!

  2. Oh - I hate the squeaky voice :) I think it's great that Blake adjusted his approach and vocabulary to her - like he was talking down to her! :)

  3. HAHA...I love that Blake was talking down to her level!! It's great that we can go to the playground and actually sit and watch them play for a little while, instead of standing there trying to save them from falling all the time :)

  4. its interesting b/c i had a similar thing happen to be today as well. i love that blake used simple language with her!


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