Need a break!

Well yesterday I took the boys to the doctors. I needed to bring Blake for a recheck on his tonsillitis. He is doing much better and actually went to school today. He is fighting a post nasal drip, but other than that he is fine.

Colby on the other hand, was fighting a fever for most of yesterday. He has an ear infection and his throat was starting to red too, so he is probably on the way to tonsillitis too. Last night he had a tough night since he couldn't get the fever to break. He is now on a anti-biotic and lots of Motrin and Tylenol. He slept in this morning, he's actually sleeping as I type this at 10am. I just hope he can fight this soon.

Richard is not feeling well either. He has been working crazy hours trying to get something done. It never seems to fail that when the boys are sick Richard is busy. When Richard is stressed and busy he is much more subseptable to getting sick. Last night he went to bed shortly after getting home from work. His throat is sore and he had a fever too.

At least the dog and I aren't sick. Shoot I hope I don't jinx myself by typing that!

This weekend Blake has soccer and we have a community yard sale on Saturday. Not sure what is on the agenda for Sunday yet, but I can only hope that at some point I get a few minutes to relax. Sick kids means no workouts for me. No breaks for me. Yep this momma needs a break. But right now I think I'll go spray Lysol throughout the WHOLE house!


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  1. hope everyone is on the mend soon and they don't share with your or abby!


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