Mean Momma?

I often wonder if I'm just a really mean mother or over protective or something. Today we were at the playground and there were a few other kids there when we got there. One mother had 2 boys, one who was about 3.5/4ish and the other who was probably an old 1 year old. The other mother had 4 children, two who were in the carriage the whole time, a girl who was probably 2.5 and a boy who was probably 4ish.

When I got there the two older boys were running around everywhere. The younger two were playing on the playground. The mother will the two kids in the carriage wasn't even standing near the carriage. The boys came over and started playing with Blake. I tell my sons that they have to stay on the bark mulch. The playground had 2 play areas, a bathroom area, 3 basketball courts, tennis courts, 2 picnic areas and a pond. My boys have learned that they are limited to the mulch and the walkway surrounding the playgrounds.

When Blake was playing with the boys he would stop at the edge of the mulch and watch them run everywhere. The mothers even let the younger two run over near the pond by themselves.

Blake was playing pirates with the boys and 1 boy picked up a long stick and said he was Captain Hook. I do not let my sons play with sticks, never mind pretend to be using swords. I know this might be a bit overprotective, but when I was a teacher I encountered so many children who we desensitized to violence and didn't realize that real weapons actually hurt and kill. They thought it was just fun and games to pretend to hurt and kill things. Then there is the whole thing about running and climbing with sticks and other sharpish objects and the possible injury to self or others.

Watching other mothers who are more lax in these types of expectations often makes me wonder if I'm too strict and overprotective? I'm not the type of mother who wants to keep her sons young. I just want to keep them safe.



  1. Hmmm, I think it just kind of depends where a mom is in her "mothering." With my oldest I was behind him by no more than 2 feet, always watching and hovering, never let him more than an arms reach. When I had the 2, I let my oldest go a few more feet away from me, but would always have both really near me. I would be the mom monitoring ALL the kids in the park, telling older kids to be careful, not throw sand on the slide, watch out for the younger ones. Now I've got one in each stage and I wish I had more arms and eyes. But I dont'. So I watch from further away as my older two run off, always in eyesight though and keep the baby with me. As my boys get older I guess I just have to let go a little by little. Okay I rambled. Cheers.

  2. i don't think you are overprotective or mean! you have certain rules for your kids and you except them to follow them. ive seen PLENTY of parents take their kids to the park and be on the other end of the park not even watching them. im ok with giving the kids a bit of freedom, i trust my kids, but i don't trust others. i watched a 3 yr old little girl get kicked by an 8 yr old one day. the dad had no idea what happened so i told him, he talked to the kids dad, neither of them were watching it when it happened!

  3. I don't think you are too strict, we all have different rules and values for our kids! My boys have no idea what swords and guns are, and I would like to keep it that way as long as I can!

  4. I had to laugh. When my adult sons were little, I even banned "violent" teenage ninja turtle toys, until a neighbor boy took pity on them and gave them his after he got new ones. Fast forward 20 years, and their now teenage brothers have an entire arsenal of paintball guns, bow and arrows, nerf guns, even a katana sword (which doesn't get any use but honestly, it's in my home!). Your rules are fine, but so are those of more lax parents, based on what you described. My boys still think I am too overprotective as I won't let them get an ATV even though we live in the country now. It's all relative! But, be prepared for them to loosen you up over time. Mine sure did! Sherry


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