Questions for me?

I did this a few years ago, actually I think it was right before my first blogoversary so it was a while ago, anyway...

This is your chance to ask me about... anything you want to know, within reason of course!

Questions for the teacher side of me? Questions for the cook? Questions for the mom? Questions for Lori? Is there anything you think you want to know about me or from me that you have yet to ask?? Now's the time! I'll try to answer them on the next few Wednesdays depending on the response that I get.

So if you have a question for me either post it in my comment or e-mail me at I'll e-mail you back when I post my reply on here, of course you read my blog daily so you'll know when it's posted, but hey I just want to cover all bases!

I did make Tzatzki sauce this week as I mentioned in Tasty Tuesday last week, but I was not enamoured with it. My guess is it is more my flavor profile than the actual recipe. I'm not a huge cucumber fan, ok I'm not a fan of cucumbers at all and that is all I could taste in the sauce so it got tossed. I don't want to review it and give it a bad review when it is probably just me. I did make a super yummy batch of cookies today so watch for that recipe next Tuesday. I still plan on making homemade hummus, did I tell you that I'm addicted to that stuff now??


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