How dare you ask me?

There isn't much that gets me annoyed with people, but when you do... you do! Yesterday, the boys and I met up with another mom, lets call her M, and her son at the splash pad. We have met a few times at the playground, but this was the first real scheduled get together. We met at the playground near the Y, and she goes to the Y too so the boys have played with her son there.

When I got to the splash pad, all the tables were being used. One table had just one person sitting at it. It ended up being someone else I've seen before at the Y, lets call her P. She said I could sit at her table, so I did. The M joined us there too.

At first it was fine. P was sitting at the table cutting coupons so the conversation began circling around shopping and move saving and such. I was sort of involved in the conversation, but I'm not a huge coupon person so I didn't care if she went through all the ads and makes the store price match. So I sort of was on a whatever kind of mode.

M went over and was talking to another mom that was there, P then asked me what my husband did and I told her. She asked about my sons and all that typical mom question stuff. After she asked what I used to do she asked if I was bored yet. I've had this question before and I'm always say, nope I don't have time to be bored.

P asked M if her other son was small too. M said no her older son is tall and she has to remember his age, since he looks older and therefore people expect him to act older. I said that I deal with that with Blake, not because of his height, but because of how smart he is. P then said to me "He must get his intelligence from his dad" JAW DROP! Ummm maybe, but I'm as smart if not smarter than my husband. Now I'm not sure if she assumed that I'm not as smart as Richard because I was a teacher, because I am a stay at home mom or just cause I'm female or what, but stupid I am NOT!

P then said something about don't you feel like as a stay-a-home mom that you have to excel at something? M told her that she excelled at being a mother and taking care of her home. I was dumbfounded at this time.

But then P went on told us that we were wasting our eductions by being a stay-at-home mom.

Now let me tell you that P was a stay at home mom, and is on leave from her job right now. She has 3 kids 13, 12, and 8. She told me that she had the first two close in age because only then could she justify staying home. That people who stay at home while their kids are at school are just catering to their child and letting the child decide what is best for the parent.

I don't get it. First of all what the hell gives you the right to say any of this to two stay-at-home moms? What makes you think we want to be bashed? Do you think that we are going to change our opinions of staying home because you have an issue with it?

Whatever. Needless to say next time I would choose to NOT sit near her!



  1. i have no words for that lady...other than that was the stupidest thing to say!

  2. I am dumbfounded too! How nervey!

  3. wow!My guess is that she didn't enjoy staying home with her kiddos and feels guilty. She was probably just trying to make herself feel better by making you feel worse. I think I would have walked away.

  4. Lori what a day for you. Please don't let those words effect who you are. It is interesting the different sides people take with this issue and most of the time they aren't valid or correct. I am sorry you were bashed and I hope that tomorrow is a bright and happpy day!!

  5. Oh boy... I would be steaming Lori and likley would have blown my top!

    She can go on thinking that and you can go on doing exactly what is right for you and your family!

    See who the smart one is now!

  6. Oh is it really bad that I totally want to smack P in the face.
    I choose to stay home and will do so when all of my kids are in school so I am available to go on field trips, volunteer in the classrooms and so I can do the things I need to do while they are at school so I can totally be there for them when they get home.
    I know all cannot stay home and maybe she wants to but feels guilty so tries to turn it around the other way.


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