UGH! Get this music out of my head

I love the fact that my boys enjoy music. I have provided them with a variety of children's music to listen to as well as books on cd. They have a cd player in the playroom. We also listen to kids music or a book while we drive in my car during the day. I almost always have the radio on at home, so we do get a good dose of non-kids music too.

I often find that some song they have been listening too, often over and over and over again gets stuck in my head. This week we have been into listening to The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band. There are a lot of really good songs on this cd, and each of the boys has their favorite.

Colby's favorite is We Are the Dinosaurs.

Blake's favorite is I'm Not Perfect

But neither of these is the song stuck in my head.... nope! The song stuck in my head is Moon, Moon, Moon

Do you ever get songs stuck in your head? What song are you stuck with now?

I hope you have a day that you really want to Dance!



  1. Ha ha! Too funny. My boys love watching Wonder Pets. I am always singing that song.

  2. Oh we love Laurie Berkner!!
    But I know exactly what you mean about having a song stuck in your head!! JoJo Circus songs get me every time!!
    Have a happy day

  3. OH how I miss WonderPets and Jo Jo's circus! My son has been singing "stuck like glue" ALL the time. Then, he leaves for school and I can't get that song out of my head!

  4. lol This happens to me ALL the time. It is usually a song from Treehouse or one of his movies.


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