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If you follow my blog, then you know that I limit my kids tv time, if they get tv time at all. This also means that the tv isn't on in the house while the children are awake. I know a lot of people who can have the tv on mute, or even with the volume on and the children don't care. Well that wouldn't work here. I can't mute it because Blake would just sit and read the close captioning, remember he reads!

I usually try to catch the news in the morning to see the weather while I'm getting dressed in the mornings. Our local news has weather on the 1's so as long as I have the tv on for more than 10 minutes I'll catch the weather at least once. When I work out at the gym on any of the equipment I try to find news on there too. You see I like to know what is going on in the world, but when you don't have the tv on... well you don't know.

The local stations down here are entrenched in the Casey Anthony trial, as in they have that and nothing else on during the day. They don't even show commercials. Yes that's what happens when such a tragic even and all the craziness that goes along with the trial occurs in your backyard.

The last few weeks we have had people arrested at Lake Eola park for feeding the homeless. The city passed a law that says you can only hold such feedings twice a year... seriously! So we have nothing better to do with our tax payer money than arrest people who are feeding the homeless who ALREADY are there? They aren't giving them money, they aren't giving them drugs or alcohol... nope they were feeding them pancakes and donuts. Ummm what's wrong with this picture?

Some days I feel like I miss knowing what is going on. But, at the same time, do I really want to be entrenched in the trial? Hear about the people who are getting in trouble for helping others? Listen to the media put their spin on the world? Hmmm maybe I too enjoy being sheltered from the craziness of tv?


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  1. Our local morning news has weather on the 10's too! That's the only reason I watch it...otherwise I find the news only reports bad stuff....depressing!


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