Justice served... I don't think so

I did not follow the Casey Anthony trial as closely as many did. It was HUGE business down here, guess that's because it is literally in our backyard. I did tune in from time to time, and was more involved when Caylee Anthony was "missing". I, like so many people, was saddened by the decision the jury came to yesterday. It is hard believe that they could not see through the smoke screens that were placed in front of them. I listened to an audio interview with the alternate jury member who also also said he felt she was innocent, yet his logic behind his answer made little to no sense. He managed to talk in circles instead of actually answering questions.

I am saddened that this injustice will never be settled. That a young girl's life was cut too short and no one has to pay. That a mother could cry tears of joy and not true tears of sorrow. That a family could get away for all that occurred and the justice system just chalks it up to dysfunctional family issues. I don't think that flies. There are a lot of dysfunctional families and they don't go and kill a two year old in order to go out and party. They don't cover up the "mistakes" of others by burying a child, ... yes that was actually the reason the jury found her not guilty because they defense put up that it was a mistake gone wrong. Where is the justice? How could the family let their daughter go on trial for murdering their granddaughter if they knew she didn't kill her?

If this was my child, I wouldn't be sitting there celebrating... my child would be dead, even if I didn't do it, I'd still feel responsible. If I knew who did it, no one would be able to hold me back from making sure that person paid. If I didn't know who did it, I would not be celebrating I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs that they had to find out who did it. All these things a good mother would do. All this points to me that she got off. All this says to me that yet again the justice system shot itself in the foot by providing loopholes for murders to slide through.

On top of all that frustration. On top of knowing that a little girl's life and memory will always be entangled with injustice. There is the knowledge that I paid for all this. A lot of the money for this trial, and the experts, and all the goobly goop that goes along with it came from tax payer money. So in essence I paid for a murder trial gone wrong. I wait for the day when she goes to the press and tells what really happened and can't be tried again. When she gets a book and movie deal and makes money off the death of her daughter.

I hope you take time tonight and remember that at least Caylee Anthony will never have to en dour another hour, day, week, month, or year with a mother who didn't and doesn't seem to love her enough to protect her. A family who didn't worry that she was missing. A home of dysfuction that the court ruled bad enough to the the reason for murder.

I hope you also take tonight to look at your children and realize that you would never do what this "mother" did. That you love your children more than you love yourself. I know I will.


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