Big changes to bedtime

This weekend we decided to take advantage of the sales and buy Blake a new bed and chest of drawers. Colby's bed transitioned into a full size bed. Colby was getting too long for the toddler bed so we decided to transition them both at the same time. Blake had been using my twin bed and bureau that I grew up with. We wanted both boys to have a full size bed and chest of drawers that they could grow into and eventually take with them to college. Yes, we were actually thinking that far ahead.

I took the boys shopping and let them pick out their own bedding. The bedding the picked out so fits their personalities. And the funny thing is Blake picked a comforter set and Colby picked a quilt and jersey sheets. Blake is always cold and night and sleeps with the comforter on in the summer. Colby is always hot and barely uses a sheet in the winter. Guess that worked out then.

Please ignore the fact that the paint job in their room does not match the new bedding, but I can only do so many things in one weekend. I already have the new bedroom paint jobs mapped out in my head, now to just find the time to execute it. Yes, I'll share when they are done too.

Blake's room:

Colby's room:



  1. It looks like you have to Big Boys in your house!

  2. Very cute! Love the bedding they picked out...totally boys!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love their rooms. How cool!!


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