Color Mixing with ice cubes

I posted this last week on my Facebook page. I mentioned it on Teacher Turned Mommy. not as easy as it sounds on Facebook too. This is an example of the projects I've done with the boys. I'm going to post them each week on Fridays, as long as people are interested in them. This one I did a few weeks back.

Add food coloring to water and freeze as ice cubes.

Make a sheet to record what you are doing, their predictions and results.

Put ice cubes into the glasses to show the mixing of primary colors .

red + yellow
red + blue
blue + yellow
red + yellow + blue

Ask the children to predict what color the water will be when the cubes melt. Record it on the sheet (you can see the colored B's and C's after the empty cup in above picture.

Check your results after the ice melts.


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  1. Neat project Lori...I think my kids would like this one :)


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