Best of Friends/Worst of Enemies

Two boys, and two dogs means never a dull moment. I never know which pair I'm going to be dealing with at one time. Blake and Colby are best of friends/worst of enemies. They love to play together, but they also love to argue and disagree together. This is why I had them close. When you argue with people you love and live with then you learn how to disagree without hurting feelings. (No I'm not saying that only children don't learn this, it just has to be fostered with others outside the house)

At least with the boys we can talk things through, explain consequences and help with the learning process. We can show them that they love each other and that love will help them overcome the differences.

Abby and Dixie are working on establishing some kind of relationship together. They went through a week of Abby ignoring Dixie, we think she was hoping if she ignored her Dixie would go away. This week there is more play and more "fighting". The dogs are trying to establish who is the alpha. This is not a fun thing to deal with, but necessary.

I have second guessed this decision, but know it will workout in the long run. It makes you wonder if you are doing something wrong. But, I know it's just part of the learning process.

Anyone have experience introducing a puppy to an older dog? How long did it take for the two to accept each other?


  1. hope they get used to each other soon! sorry i don't have any advice!

  2. I always thought my kids would be best friends because I would teach them to be nice and they would, of course, listen to me. Ha! My girls have very clashing personalities. Most of the time they are worst enemies, but they had fun together last night. I'm hopeful they will become best friends.


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