Little known Facts

Ok yes, I've been quiet lately. Well for a week I was away, so that was a good excuse I think. But, I haven't found my groove yet. I love my blog and don't want to give it up, yet I need to find the motivation to get back into it. I've lost a lot of readers and have few to no comments on my posts so it makes it hard to get excited about posting. So if you are out there reading this, give me some love to let me know you want my blog to live on. (o:

Yes, I talk about my kids a lot and not much about myself, that's just me. So here are a few little known facts about me.

--I don't like eating the same thing over and over. Most meals that I make that have any kind of leftover gets frozen. Even if I go through a kick of eating salads, sandwiches, or that kind of thing I change the type each day. I've always been like this. Richard on the other hand could eat the same thing every day, makes for interesting meal decisions.

--I decided when I was in the sixth grade that I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. I had many people, especially teachers of mine, tell me that I'm crazy. They all suggested that I go into engineering or some kind of physics or chemistry job. I know I could have made a lot more money doing those things, but I went with my heart and became a teacher.

--When I was growing up one of my main goals in life was to leave the town I grew up in and never look back. I transfered high schools going into my junior year and had almost nothing to do with my classmates that I grew up with after that. When I went to college my parents moved out of state and I have almost never been back to my home town since.

--I moved to Orlando because I didn't get along with the principal I was working for in Massachusetts. We didn't see eye to eye. My brother had moved down to Florida the year before. I said that if I was going to make a change I'd make a big one and moved down here. I bought a house before I even moved down.

--There are very few people in my life who I would consider a true friend. I have a lot of people who are great acquaintances, former co-workers, former classmates that kind of thing. But, when you are a true friend of mine, you know it and it's for life.

--I started blogging because Richard wanted me to have an outlet for my feelings of motherhood. I tend to keep things bottled up and only show the good. I have kept blogging because I have enjoyed the various things I've learned and the people I've "met" along the way.

So if you are out there, and enjoy my blog... let me know (o:



  1. I;ll be honest...I haven't been reading much of ANY blog lately. Nevermind leaving comments or doing my own blog. but hopefully i find a niche soon.

  2. i do still read..just via my iphone. i don't comment as much, i am sorry. it's just a hassle sometimes. i don't get to my computer as much as i used to. but, i am still here!!

  3. You know I love you and your blog!!
    That's great you went with your heart when it came to teaching...that is so important :)

  4. I stop by less often than I would like, but you are one of the few people that I read regularly because I consider you one of my blogging friends. :o)

  5. Finding a groove when it comes to blogging can be tough! Keep posting about what you love and we will keep reading!:)
    have a happy day

  6. It was nice to get to know you a bit better. I am the same way with friends. I think i have three real friends...others being acquaintances & such.

  7. Your blog if fabulous! I think you are so down to earth and likable. I get behind on people I follow a lot, but try to comment as much as I can.

    I think it's wonderful that you went into something you love. I also don't make many true friends. It takes me forever to feel truly comfortable around someone.

  8. I enjoy your blog. I just get so busy with my little ones that I don't always have a lot of time to blog or comment. Life is so hectic at times

  9. I always enjoy reading your blog, but I typically don't comment :)


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