Our family just grew

Richard and I have been talking about getting a puppy for a while now. The boys want to play with Abby, but seeing as she is already 11 years old, well she doesn't like to play much anymore. We wanted the boys to have a dog that could run and chase and keep up with our very active boys.

Meet Dixie!

Blake picked out the name. We just told the boys it needed to start with the letter D and be a girl name


  1. What a sweetie!!
    The boys are going to love having her to rough and tumble with.!:)
    We would love a dog someday...when Aubrey is just a bit older!:)
    have a happy day

  2. She's beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  3. What a cute doggie. Good luck They are so fun.

  4. So fun! Totally cute too!


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