Did you miss me? If you follow me on facebook, then you know I was away on vacation. I wish I could say it was a fantastic, restful, fun vacation, but that would be an untruth.

The day before our vacation, my grandfather passed away. We felt it was best to spend that Sunday out with my family. This meant that no packing was done, and we still had a few errand to run before we could go away.

Ok this is still do able. We got a very late start and in the mist of all the packing, list making, prep work for vacation, Colby started hacking again. I was already packing the nebulizer in case Blake's cough came back from the week before. We took out time driving up an even stopped at an outlet mall to do a bit of shopping. When we finally got the hotel Colby was miserable. Hey look, he has a fever.

So the next two days he would feel well enough to do one thing, but we didn't do any of the things we'd planned. We went to the beach for part of one day. We went to a zoo another day. Oh and that's about it.

Blake had a hard time not being on the go while we were away. He was excited to be able to go to breakfast in the hotel each day. And liked going out to eat which is a big treat. Richard took Blake to a playground one morning just to get him out of the room.

Colby began to feel better on Thursday, yes that was the day we drove home. Oh well... such is life!


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