Menu Planning

If you've followed my blog for any length of time, then you know I like to cook and bake. I love to bake, it is my true kitchen passion. I love the chemistry and exactness about it. I love to tweak the flavors and hope that it doesn't mess with the chemistry of the recipe. Cooking is fun and is done more frequently. I like that with cooking I can toss in whatever I feel like and hope it tastes good.

I am constantly searching for new and exciting recipes. I find I'm drawn more to baking recipes since well I can make up my cooking recipes and can't make up baking ones. I really like Pinterest for this (and for kids crafts).

One thing that I have done forever is menu planning. I sit down with Richard, and sometimes the boys, and plan a week's menu the night before I go grocery shopping. We have a few things that make it on the menu every other week or so, but I try to mix it up as much as possible.

I am not one of those people who likes to have the same thing all the time. I know there is a push to go back to the whole notion of meat on Monday, Italian on Tuesday, Mexican on Wednesday etc... but even that thought is too routine for me.

When I menu plan, I plan two weekend meals and 5 weekday meals and don't necessarily assign them to a given day. I shop for all the ingredients and pull the meats out of the freezer and have everything on hand. This way I can decide what works best for that day depending on time and mood.

For example this week's menu is: Burgers (that was Sun), Hummus chicken (a new version of this be watching for it on a TT recipe soon), ravioli, Teriyaki-Beer Skirt Steak, chicken fajitas (one of our staples), and waffles with bacon.

If you don't menu plan, I suggest you try it a few weeks and see if you like it. I like having everything set and only have to decide which night to make what. (I typically don't plan what to bake unless there is an occasion)



  1. that's basically how I do it too! although sometimes I forget to plan the weekends then I scramble!

  2. You know I love to menu plan...there is no other way!

  3. I am a huge menu planner! Love it, love it!

  4. I keep saying I want to menu plan and never do. I need to get on it to save myself sanity! Although, last night my Hubby said the best thing to me....."I will bring home dinner tomorrow night!"


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