check that off the list

I love getting things done. Especially when I can get it done ahead of time. I feel that way about Christmas shopping. I'm not one of those last minute people. I like to plan things out and then get it done. I've finished shopping for the boys, except for a few more things for their stockings. I've finished Richard's parents. I've finished my nephews. Picked up gifts for Blake's teachers. Picked up the special Christmas cards (parents, grandparents kind of thing).

So that leaves: my parents, Richard's sister and Richard (we only do stockings for each other). I have a few thoughts for Richard's sister. I have a few things for my parents, but need to figure out one or two more things. I have no clue what to get for Richard's stocking but that hits me at odd times usually. I still need to make the Christmas card for us to mail to the masses.

So for me I feel like I'm on the right path to be done with everything way before Christmas this year. Then I can focus on baking. Doing special little things with the boys and such.

I already wrapped the 24 Christmas stories to read as part of our Christmas countdown and this year I'm going to make Christmas countdowns for each of the boys... more on that later.

So, yep, I'm feeling good. Maybe I'll even find time soon to make my new background for my blog... maybe!



  1. Wow, you should be feeling good. You've accomplished so much! I'll get there...on Christmas Eve ;)

  2. Wow it must feel good! This year I am you polar opposite! :)

  3. Love the storybook idea. I remember you doing it last year. I need to do this with Ryan.


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