My choices

This week the boys and I have kept very busy. Busy is good! I told you already we went to see the Mouse. Yesterday we met up with friends at a new, to us, playground. This playground is located near Orlando Executive Airport. This was really neat as you can watch the planes take off and land. They also have air traffic control pipped into the pavilion.

These two trips got me thinking about changes in the world. Heavy I know! But, what I was thinking is that my sons will probably never live in a world where bags aren't checked. Where security is high around ever corner.

My friend and I were talking about protecting our children from the personality of other children. Trying to shield them from children who are trying to grow up too fast. I don't keep my boys in a bubble, but at the same time I want them to be kids. I don't want them to be mini teenagers at 5.

I'm not one of those people who is always saying "when I was a kid..." But, when I was a kid, kids were kids. They played outside. They played with friends. They played with toys that required imagination.

I guess some could say I shelter my boys. I limit their tv and technology use. I choose open ended toys that allow them to use their imaginations. I do art projects, play play doh, race cars, play sports and read to my boys all the time.

The world may force them to grow up. To realize that not everyone is fair. That not everyone is nice. But, I can help them be children and learn to love life.



  1. Absolutely! I try to do so many things to keep my boys young. My oldest is in kindergarten and he came home saying the girls were trying to kiss him! So we talked about his priorities.
    Learn about God
    Learn at School and Play/ Play Sports. Hello. Never thought I'd be having that conversation in kinder.
    We can shield our kids all we want but their interactions with others that don't believe like we do, always seems to creep in.

    Stay on it Mama, its the best thing you can do for your boys.

  2. Well I am right there with you sheltering my children. Kids do grow up too quickly now it is sad.


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