Where is Thanksgiving? I am really beginning to wonder if Thanksgiving is soon going to be a lost holiday? Ok I know people aren't going to want to give up Turkey dinner, a short week, Thanksgiving football games any time soon. But, do you notice that we seem to be jumping straight from Halloween to Christmas. Actually I saw Christmas coming out in a lot of stores before Halloween this year. That's one thing, but at least down here the plazas and towns are putting up their holiday decorations already too.

We went to Disney yesterday and I knew we'd see Christmas stuff there. They begin it early so that those who visit in November can celebrate the Disney Christmas magic. Yep, it's a money thing too.

But, seriously does the Walmart plaza down the street really need their Christmas decorations up on the street lights now?

Will Christmas loose some of it's magical feel if they keep starting earlier and earlier? Will children not get as excited because it is norm for months to see Christmas everywhere? Will it motivate you to start thinking about Christmas shopping earlier? Who knows. But for me, Christmas season doesn't start until after turkey day.


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  1. You are so right Lori...Christmas is every where! the music is playing in the mall and Santa is already there!
    CRAZY!!! I love the holdiday excitement too, but I try to keep Christmas low-key around here until Thanksgiving is over.
    have a happy day lori


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