TV trouble

Over the years, I've limited what they boys watch on television. We go through long stints where they don't watch any tv at all. Then when they do watch it, it is typically limited to Disney Jr or Nick Jr. They also watch racing (Nascar and Formula One) with Richard. And the occasional football game.

Now that Blake is in school every day and getting to a more impressionable age he is noticing that he not watching some things that his peers get to watch. He has been talking about Power Rangers a lot lately. He tells me that he's going to tell his friends he watches Power Rangers, so then we get into a conversation about the truth vs lies.

But, it is hard as a mother to hear that her child would lie to fit in. I do not plan on letting him watch these shows. Instead I took a different route and talked about some of the things he really likes that his friends might not do such as watching Formula 1. We also talked about other things he and his friends have in common such as playing sports and such.

It is hard to find the balance between what you know is what you want for your child and helping them fit into their peer group. I know it will only get harder and if we can deal with being yourself and not caving in to the "expected norm" now at 5 then maybe we won't have as hard of a time at 15?



  1. Good for you for not caving in! So far, Caleb hasn't mentioned any TV shows that his peers watch. Our TV is rarely on anymore, and we have eliminated SpongeBob :) I'm so glad they are still at that innocent age where Thomas the Train is still "cool". But like you said, if we talk to them now about it, then hopefully it will be easier when they are teenagers. Hopefully...

  2. A great lesson to teach early on. I like how you had him focus on the similarities and differences.

  3. Oh, and your site is looking so cute!!!


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