I was watching the news this morning to see the weather report. I caught a clip that I found disturbing. It was not graphic, it was not violent, it was not obscene and yet it still rubbed me the wrong way.

A 14 year old honor student was suspended from his middle school for hugging a friend. Yep you read that right. Don't believe me? Click here to read the ABC article on it.

Can you seriously believe that they have got so obsessed with good touch/ bad touch that they have made it against the rules to hug? Or hold hands? All I could think was I hope they don't have those rules in elementary school, because young children hug all the time. I used hugging as part of the process of making amends to a friend.

I can understand that they are trying to discourage "relationships" in middle school, but come on, isn't this a bit much? It says in the article that if they are caught kissing it is an out of school suspension. Do teachers really have time to police this stuff or want to, I can tell you the answer to that... NO!

So voice your thoughts. Is hugging bad enough for in school suspension? I think you know what I feel



  1. Things are so out of hand these days. Poor kids are so confused on what's appropriate and what's not.

    And teachers don't have the time to deal with weather or not a hug is appropriate. Come on people!

  2. That is ridiculous! Don't they have better things to worry about?!

  3. This is classic proof that administrative people truly just design rules on paper. It's one of those "sounds good on paper" and then when you implement the punishment in real life, it suddenly sounds awful. Where do you draw the line?? Past generations may have been a little too lax, but this generation is being raised the polar opposite way and there will be awful psychological scars from it! It's horrific to think this stuff really happens!

  4. I agree with Karrie. It probably sounded good to them on paper. I'm guessing they were over run with PDA, possibly extreme cases and wanted to put a stop to it. But, a hug?


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