Christmas story countdown

I have move Christmas books than I could count. I wrap 24 each year as part of our Christmas countdown. I also put some out for the boys to read. This year I also sent some in for Blake's class. His teacher is loving me!

I thought I'd share some of the books we have in our Chrismtas countdown with you. I'm not promoting these books nor do I get anything from sharing... just the knowledge that I've shared with you (o:

The Christmas Blizzard by Helen Ketteman. Old Maynard Jenkins shares the story of the year Santa came to stay in their town because the North Pole was too warm. They needed snow to get the elves to make the toys. Hear the story of how this happens.

The Little Christmas Tree by Karl Ruhmann A boy and his father go into the wood to search for a perfect tree. This is the chance for the little fir tree to show how useful it really is.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer Teeka was asked by Santa to get the reindeer ready for Christmas eve. She learns that a loving touch is more productive than yelling and bossing around.

Santa and the Three Bears, by Dominic Catalano. Three bears find Santa's house a warm comfort from the weather. A variation on the Goldilocks style it ends showing that the best gifts come from the heart.

Snowplace Like Home! by Diana Manning The snow kids decide to find out what made their town special. With a bit of teamwork together they bring their town back to life.

What great Christmas books have you read to your kids lately? If you like this, let me know and I'll post the next 5 stories next week. (o:


  1. Those look like great books! I actually don't have a ton of Christmas books. I need to invest. It would be fun to do a Christmas countdown.

  2. i wanted to do this with my kids. maybe i will do it for the 12 day countdown.


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