Get up and moving

I go through phases where I can't get to the gym as much as I'd like. I don't like to skip but if the boys aren't well or if we have things going on, well the gym takes a backseat.

The last few weeks I've managed to get into the gym 4+ days a week. Let me tell you I notice the difference. I can feel myself working harder and lasting longer. My clothes fit better and I feel more myself.

I workout for myself. I eat "healthy-ish". I could go back to counting calories and doing all that, but then the focus is on weight loss and not just working out. I like to workout and realize I'm doing it to gain strength. I'm doing it to eliminate stress. I'm doing it to feel better about my whole self.

I try to go to step aerobics and pilates on Tuesdays and then back to pilates on Thursdays. I do 30 minutes of cardio everyday (expect Tuesdays since step is already 45 min). I work out with free weights two or three days a week.

Why do I do it? I like putting on my clothes and feeling good about the way I look. I like to put on clothes and not worry if they will fit or not. I also do it to release stress. Any mother can tell you that it is a stressful job. Go workout for 30+ minutes and your stress level will go down!

Remember during this holiday season to take care of yourself. And working out daily is a great way to do just that!


  1. That's a great feeling! I was just thinking about this today, working out. My clothes have actually been fitting so much tighter--ugh. Tight pants may be just the motivation I needed!

  2. I have been walking a mile each and everyday for over a year now and I love it. I wouldn't miss my walk on the treadmill in the morning for anything. Also I have been lifting a few weights at night and doing some crunches. I have dropped two sizes and lost 20 pounds without even changing my diet. I am so much more happy in my skin. 2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight with the first one :)


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