Morning routines

Richard is settling into his new job, and I'm settling into our new morning routine. Richard now needs to leave the house by 7:15am at the latest, at his other job we had more flexibility. Before if we had a late night or got woken up too many times he'd just get a later start. Now, not so much.

Richard gets up when the alarm goes off and takes his shower. I get up when he's in the shower and get ready for the day. Since I go the gym first thing in the morning I just shower after. I then go out and make his lunch for the day. He comes out and has breakfast. I start a load of laundry or just deal with the dogs. When he is ready to leave I then take the dogs for a short walk.

The last few days the boys have been sleeping in until 7:40/8:00 which was such a nice treat to me because it gave me time to myself. That is when I made the new background and topper for my blog and posted yesterday's post. Today Blake woke up at 6:30am, which was nice that he got to see Richard, but means no quiet time for me. (as he sits at the kitchen table playing Operation... yep no quiet)

The biggest challenge is the fact that I've yet to get a solid night sleep. I swear they are in a conspiracy again. They keep changing which one gets up in the middle of the night, Blake, Colby, Abby and Dixie are insisting that I don't need 8 hours of sleep. Me I beg to differ. Oh well a mother's job is never done.

Well, I'm off to make breakfast for Blake, mop the kitchen floor then wake up Colby. Might as well be productive before 8am.



  1. Morning (and night) routines are crucial in our household. They keep the rhythm of our family flowing. Sometimes we are down to minutes and staying on task is the only way each of us will make it to where we need to go.

  2. one day they will start sleeping... we didn't get a proper nights sleep til our youngest was 5... =) he had medical issues and woke every 2 hours for 4 years!! so if your not up every 2 hours... you can think to yourself... it could be worse! ha ha... with that said... I am sure my son alone took ten years off my life in that 4 years! I am grateful for sleep now... there is a plus and minus at every stage... the joys of parenting =)!

  3. I hate those nights when little ones decide to wake up! Mommy needs her 8 hours ;) The boys are always up by 7:00 in our house, so I don't get any quiet time until they go to bed.


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