Sink and Float and Make your own Boat

This week has been rainy and miserable here. But, we still did our Tuesday project. Last week I sent the kids home with an assignment to make a boat.

When they arrived we tested the boats out to see if they were seaworthy. The children had to estimate how many cubes it would take to sink their boats. Let me tell you their guesses were WAY off. My guesses would have been too. They all took over 100 cubes to sink and some took over 200. Next time I'd use heavier blocks (o:

After snack we continued with the water fun, inside this time. We took two tubs of water and lots of fun objects and did a sink and float experiment.

I made recording sheets for these activities and posted them on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here some of the sheets you will find in the set:

There are two versions of the boat test sheet and two versions of the sink and float sheet. There are also cloze sheets for -oat and -ink words and other -oat and -ink word family activities. Check it out if you are interested in this activity for you own kids or your classroom.


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