Family Projects

As a teacher, one challenge is to get your students families involved in the learning process. Often you will have parents who want to do more, but don't always know how. One great way to get them involved is family projects. These typically are fun art projects for the children to complete at home with their families.

I tried to send these home every month and connect them to the theme we were working on or a holiday in that month. I then used them as decorations in the classroom. One way I liked to display them was hanging them from the ceilings. Yes, I know this is not always allowed, but if you can, they look really fun and cool. I often had families then creating both sides of the design since they would see the whole thing, or you can hang two back to back.

For my latest Teachers Pay Teachers project, I posted a whole years worth of family projects and the letters to send home with them. Here are the ones you will find in my sample for this project. The whole collection is on sale for $4 (12 pictures and 12 family letters)


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