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Did you miss me? Did you think I was gone forever? Well I thought about it. But, I'm back. I will tell you that my blog is taking on a new flavor now. It will be less Mommy and more teacher. I've talked a bit about my new adventure developing items for Teachers Pay Teachers. I will be posting a lot more of this here too. I have recently found myself taking on a new role in the school system, a mother. Blake has started kindergarten and Colby is in preK. So I am now a mommy to two school age children at two different school. I am now a PTA member, a volunteer and room mother at Blake's school and plan to get more involved. I will talk about how I am getting involved at the elementary school. How you can too as well as little things you can do to help your child and your child's teacher. I hope you choose to follow along on the new adventures of Teacher Turned Mommy! Photobucket

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