Easy Reader book reports

There are so many easy readers out on the market today. One nice thing with them is they are written on varied levels. You can find book simple enough for a beginning reader and ones that have longer paragraphs and even chapters. The other really good thing is they cover a wide range of topics. This is a great way to introduce your child to non-fiction books.

One thing that I did as a kindergarten teacher was to send home these leveled readers to my students who were reading. I would send home an easy reader and book report in a gallon size zip lock bag and have them return them a week later.

On Teachers Pay Teachers, I have posted 7 sample book reports for you to buy. I also enclosed a sample parent letter. This is one of those reports. You can get 2 if you download my free sample then the other 5 if you buy the kit for $2.00.


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